The Pig & Me by Lindsay Frucci


The Pig & Me by Lindsay Frucci

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Get inspired by Lindsay Frucci, a New Hampshire woman business owner, who went from the brink of personal bankruptcy to a multi-million dollar business within ten years!

In The Pig & Me you'll learn about a different kind of entrepreneur;

  • One without money, experience or a college education;
  • A husband who traveled for work;
  • A forty-five year old, part-time single-mom, living in a 200-year old farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, trying to grow a business in a male-dominated industry.

Find out how Lindsay substituted creativity and stubborn determination for a large bankroll and turned a recipe into a multi-million dollar business.

The reality is the story of a woman who was raised hearing "You can't" and found, to her surprise and great satisfaction, she could - and then some.

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